ANMP Member Benefits

Member Benefits


Two Value-Packed Membership Options: Basic or PRO

Regular Annual Price $ 499/yr $ 49.95/yr
INTRODUCTORY PRICE $ 299/yr $ 19.95/yr
ANMP Convention Special Lock-In Price (Held Over) $ 149/yr
($ 5,000+ value)
$ 19.95/yr
(60% off list)
Healthcare Telemedicine Benefits via My Doctor At Home Free Copay
Insurance Benefits = Life changing value Free Free
Monthly Educational Videos and Webinars = Invest in yourself Free Free
The Success Network (100 HOURS) = $999 value Free X
“Drive-Time University” Podcast Library (200+ HOURS) - coming soon = $999 value Free X
Certification and Ongoing Monthly e-Training = $99 value Free X
ANMP 2019 Video Set (30+ HOURS) = $499 value Free X
ANMP 2018 Video Set (30+ HOURS) = $499 value Free X
ANMP 2017 Video Set (30+ HOURS) = $499 value Free X
ANMP 2016 Video Set (30+ HOURS) = $499 value Free X
ANMP 2015 Video Set (30+ HOURS) = $499 value Free X
ANMP 2014 Video Set (30+ HOURS) = $499 value Free Free
ANMP 2013 Video Set (20+ HOURS) = $399 value Free Free
ANMP Coaches – Ongoing World-Class Training = PRICELESS Free X

ANMP Member Only Benefits

Join the Premier Network Marketing Association worldwide and
receive powerful advantages that only ANMP has to offer!
Our strength in numbers provides access to opportunities
that few organizations are able to enjoy.

Insurance and Group Benefits
at discounted rates like a Fortune 500 company!
1099 and home-based business eligible.
Specialty packages for independent professionals.

For You

Be part of the most respected collective group of network marketing professionals in the industry.
Leveraging the size and strength of our network provides specialty rates.
Access to insurance programs that are typically unavailable to individuals.
Proudly display and identify your membership and professionalism.
Our programs help you improve your skills to maximize your potential.
Share experiences and best practices with your peers.
Learn from the best professionals in the industry at our events.
Library of materials available to our members to review and consult, coming soon.
Exclusive benefits to save on home office solutions, travel expenses and more.

For You & Your Family

Competitive rates available and tied in to open enrollment periods.
Protect yourself and reduce liability from business-related meetings at your home.
Group and Individual - Less hassle and no medical exams for most members.
Ensure that you are covered for driving to/from business meetings.
Professional liability protection for the hosting of larger meetings.
Group and Individual.
Group and Individual.
Group and Individual - Protect your assets for your family’s future.
Real-time answers to questions via phone or chat.

We positively impact, serve, educate, standardize, preserve, and unite network marketing professionals
and those who develop and create businesses within the network marketing community.