Laura Harte

Wonder Woman of Network Marketing

Laura Harte - also known as "Wonder Woman" - is an entrepreneur at heart. From being a music minister (winning singing competitions and traveling) , to owning her own bakery (she has been on Cupcake Wars and news channels for her baking). She is a 3rd generation network marketer, mom of 4, (two who are now authors), top earner and master rep in her company.

She home schools her kids and travels both nationally and internationally. While pushing people all over the world to believe in themselves and share the gifts God has blessed them with.

She teaches the chemistry behind power poses and self talk. Laura has not only been able to handle becoming a single mom but thrived in spite of life's challenges.

Favorite quotes: "When you truly believe your life has purpose you will become unstoppable."

Laura shared:

"My grandpa told me while working in his car dealership one day to raise the price on a 1967 Navy blue Chevy Impala. (Still my favorite car to this day!)

"It had been there 2 weeks and hadn't sold. I said, "Well shouldn't we lower the price Then? That way it will sell?"

"He said, 'Laura Annie, you never lower the price of something of high value. People see value when you show it to them.'

"He raised the price $1,000, and it sold the next day.

"My grandpa was a sales master. He was a top earner in network marketing, car sales and construction. And he was absolutely right.

"I've used this in everything I've ever done. Until I realized one day I needed to raise my own price. See, people treat you how you show them they can.

"If you aren't being treated how you think you should be, raise your price! Get away from people who devalue you. If someone shows you they don't care about you BELIEVE THEM!

"Let them underestimate you. And then, show them exactly what you are capable of. If you want to be the best act like the best! If you want your influence to be impactful then get around people who force you to level up and bring out what is inside of you.

"My name is Laura Harte and I raised my price. Did you?"

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