Policies and Procedures

The ANMP’s Convention is held for the express purpose of educating its members to become better professionals. In order to accomplish our goal, we have established the following policies and guidelines for speakers, members and/or persons attending our annual convention.

  1. No solicitation nor recruiting. ANMP maintains a strict policy of no solicitation nor recruiting by any member or person attending the convention. No one should ask another to join, learn more or in any way encourage a person to leave their current company. Any person in violation of this policy will be asked to leave the convention without receiving a refund for any expenses and all expense they may have incurred.
  2. All speakers are independent distributors. The ANMP does not endorse any speaker nor promise, guarantee, or warrant that the information shared by the speaker is accurate. We do our best to choose the best speakers and participants with the highest standards; yet, know that each is independent.
  3. Income disclosures. No income representations are allowed by speakers, members or persons attending the convention.
  4. No product claims, promises or warranties are allowed. No product claims are allowed by speakers, members or persons attending the convention.
  5. No conflict of interest. No member of the Board of Directors of the ANMP is allowed to receive any income, goods or services for serving as a member of the board. No member or participant is allowed to offer any Board member any type of financial benefit in exchange for advancing their person or company.


The information provided, spoken, learned, and presented at an Association of Network Marketing Professionals (also known hereafter as ANMP) Convention, as well as articles, webinars, or other printed materials is for informational use only. This also applies to any information spoken, presented, or in any way or format shared by any speaker or participant. Further, no advice presented should be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with an attorney or other professionals to determine what is best for your individual needs. The ANMP does not make any guarantees or promises as to any results that may be obtained from our or participants content. No one should make any investment or financial decision without first consulting his or her own financial advisor and conducting his or her own research and due diligence. To the extent permitted by law, ANMP disclaims any and all liability in the event any information, commentary, analysis, opinions, advice and/or recommendations prove to be inaccurate, incomplete or unreliable, or result in any investment or other losses.
Content contained on or made available through the website is not intended to and does not constitute legal advice or investment advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed. Your use of the information presented at the ANMP Convention or on the website or materials linked from the Web is at your own risk.

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