Jordan Adler

From Just Over Broke to Millions in "Beach Money"

At 34 years old Jordan Adler was living in an enclosed garage. His rent was $200 a month and he had 2 roommates. He carried $36,000 in Credit Card Debt and his job paid him $14,000 a year.

Over the past 27 years he has BECOME ONE OF THE TOP NETWORKERS in the world earning in excess of $20 million.

Jordan wrote the world-wide bestseller "Beach Money" and 100% of his profits go to charity (

Jordan splits his time between 2 mountain homes, a condo on the Vegas Strip and of course the beach! In the past 60 days he has traveled to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and Mexico on a one month vacation.

Two years ago he decided to get his helicopter pilots license for fun. He is also scheduled to become the first network marketer to travel to space as part of Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic civilian space program.

Jordan overrides about 400,000 customers.

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