Jason Brown

Millennial 7-Figure Network Marketing Leader

Jason is a dynamic young advocate of the Network Marketing profession. He is a servant driven leader who believes his success has derived from keeping these two things at the forefront: consistency and simply putting people before profits.

Jason is a 28-year-old college graduate with his Bachelors in Communication. In September of 2014 Jason was introduced to the profession for the first time in his life and when he saw the potential he burned all his ships and would never look back.

After four and a half years full time, he has built a name for himself and has become an influence for people all around the world. He has been with his current company for just under two years with his business partner Matthew Rosa. Their business center is yielding a consistent 6-figure monthly income and the organization now spans into 40+ countries and well over 60,000 active customers.

Jason has a true passion for helping others and is a full-time advocate of the industry as a whole. "My passion is seeing people win, I'm addicted to it... the money is a small component of the fuel that keeps me turning. I was working 12 hours a day on my way up, now I'm working 16."

"I believe my strengths are training people on the fundamentals, the mindset and the activities that need to take place to lead an organization to success long term."

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