David Skultety

Built Organizations With 250,000+ Customers & Associates, Generated More Than $500 Million in Sales

David Skultety is a passionate Network Marketing Professional. Having been an entrepreneur since grade school, he has experienced multiple forms of being self employed, and believes that network marketing affords one the best chances to live a balanced lifestyle. He is a 23 year veteran of the industry, both as a distributor and a business consultant, and loves the freedom, and lifestyle it affords for his family and so many others. Over his career he has built organizations with 250,000+ customers and associates, that generated more than $500 million in sales. Needless to say, that activity has changed a lot of lives.

As a devoted leader to his team, he takes a lot of pride in helping people understand the power of network marketing, and how one can set themselves free by building a successful business. He believes that there is no success without successors, and one of the most important factors in becoming successful is understanding the importance of putting others first. He has demonstrated this by creating a servant leadership mindset with the leaders on his team, and helping them focus on the success of others.

One of the primary reasons David has focused most of his business career in network marketing is the ability to be present with his family. His three children, who are currently 16, 13 and 11, have grown up as network marketing kids. David and his wife Marcella take a lot of pride in having been able to spend time with their children when it counts. Attending school functions, coaching their sports teams, and being home for them has been super rewarding.

One of the core factors that David attributes to his success is being a student of the profession. He has only been attending industry events for the last 6 years, and feels that they are critical for anyone who wants to advance themselves in this profession. Learning from others is a critical factor in being able to advance.

"I'm really honored to have been asked to speak again at this years ANMP event. To share the stage with so many people that I look up to is exciting, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my story and experience with this years attendees."

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