Dallas & Rylee Baldri

Visionary Entrepreneurs and Mentors

Dallas & Rylee Baldri, out of Phoenix, Az are the proud parents of 6 children. Known as The HD Couple, they Co-founded, along with their partners, a very successful global network marketing organization called The HD Group. Their focus is to help people around the world live their lives in High Definition. To them, this means helping people learn how to become entrepreneurs to create their own financial independence while having time freedom, and having a healthy lifestyle, for an upgraded quality of life.

Previous to network marketing, Dallas went to law school, earned an MBA, & had a successful Financial Services business. Rylee, had a prominent career in the corporate world. When they met, they were both at rock bottom, the crash of the economy had devastated both of their lives. Dallas, a single father, had lost everything including his house and cars while virtually making no money in 2009, while Rylee who was a single mother, was laid off from her position and barely surviving to stay in her house and provide for her son.

They used network marketing and the power of 2 to turn their lives around and put them and their family into a much better situation to live their version of a high definition life. 6 years full time in the industry & the top leaders in North America for their company, they're considered one of the true network marketing success stories. They have used their passion for giving their family the best life possible, to falling in love with using the industry, as a vehicle to help others do the same. They pride themselves in involving their children ages 1-17, in every step of the way, while teaching non experienced entrepreneurs how to successfully create an upgraded lifestyle.

They have recently expanded into Asia & Australia, to share their knowledge with people from around the world while focused on accomplishing their ultimate goal of helping 1 million people live The HD Life.

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