Association of Network Marketing Professionals - ANMP

"This was the most profound and transformational training I have attended in my 20 years as a professional networker. Absolutely extraordinary. Thank you ANMP for being true to the cause of raising the standards of our incredible profession!!!"
– Anna Gallman, Network Marketing Professional

"The ANMP Conference ROCKS! Thank you! Nice job! HUGE event!"
– Tom Chenault, Network Marketing Professional

"I loved hearing from others in the industry and others in different companies. We all can learn so much from each other! My favorite trainings were the 'business side,' especially about taxes and how to structure your business. Our companies just don't provide this information and I found it very valuable a great service to provide attendees. Can't wait to come next year and bring a team!"
– Julie Hansberry, Network Marketing Professional

"It was great to see old friends, meet in person some longtime virtual friends, and make so many new ones. If I had to choose just one moment, I think it would be [Steve Taubman's] incredible demonstration of the power of the mind to transform your life in an instant."
– Scott Allen, Network Marketing Professional

"Thank you SO much for all the hard work of this group of servant-driven leaders to make this event happen. This was my FIRST industry event and I will ALWAYS be at the annual event from now on! It's hard to put into words what this weekend meant for me! :) When will the DVD of the event be available for purchase?"
– Amin Vi Dewji, Network Marketing Professional

"Loved being part of such an event! Each moment was precious. I had several moments during the event that made me so extremely excited all over again... I have never laughed so hard as I did during Dr. Steve Taubman's Hypnosis show, nor cried so hard as I did after the elections to know how deeply I appreciate this Association, what it represents and the people that I call friend. Thank each and everyone that attended and helped complete this perfect event."
– Larene Williamson, Network Marketing Professional

"Amazing Dallas event! Thank you all who helped bring this together! Can't wait to enjoy the next one."
– Steph Plough, Network Marketing Professional

"The Convention was amazing thanks to the organizers for such good information that is very useful for us to grow our negocios."
– Vicky Salguero, Network Marketing Professional

"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!! Had an AMAZING weekend and so blessed for all the friendship, mentorship & partnership!!! Looking forward to another INCREDIBLE year!!!!"
– Marlana Alden, Network Marketing Professional

"Thank you so much... Amazing!!!"
– Nat & Chanida Puranaputra, Network Marketing Professionals

"So proud to be a part of this Association! History was made last weekend, thank you for your commitment to raising the bar! Amazing speaker line-up!"
– Cathy Dohmann, Network Marketing Professional

"What an awesome weekend! I'm tired enough to sleep for three days, but still too pumped up to go to sleep. :-)"
– Scott Allen, Network Marketing Professional

"FanTabulous Event!! Inspiring. Edifying. Fun! Thank you to the entire team. It was first-class wonderful."
– Patti Reeves Morton, Network Marketing Professional

"It was first class all the way."
– Kevin Vincent, Network Marketing Professional

"WOW! I am literally speechless - there aren't words to express what the event this weekend meant to me! Thank you to ALL the inspiring speakers and other network marketing professionals I was privileged to meet! This was personal development worth its weight in GOLD. Thank you, thank you!! Is it possible to get a DVD of this event? I took so many notes, I almost had a blister on my finger, but I would love to be able to listen to it all again in some way!!"
– Anneta Griffee, Network Marketing Professional

"...Amazing and a shining example of what is best in our industry! I learned so much!"
– Lisa Grossmann, Network Marketing Professional

"The lunches at the ANMP event were AMAZING!! Thanks to our generous sponsors!!"
– Dr. Josephine Gross, Network Marketing Professional

"I would like to share with you how much I appreciated and enjoyed the conference ANMP this past weekend. You put on an amazing event. I was with Doris Wood at the event and would like to see if there will be videos of all the speakers that spoke. I have just taken my business as a network marketing company (have been in business for 17 years). I hope to bring a team of people with me this next year. Again a special 'Thank You'... what beautiful and amazing people you are."
– Margie Day, Network Marketing Professional

"Thanks for hosting the most amazing seminar ever this past weekend. I am already looking forward to the 2014 seminar and will be bringing several friends."
– Alice Skaggs, Network Marketing Professional

"Wonderful, Inspiring event this weekend! Thank you for all of the hard work that went into it! Proud to be a member!"
– Melissa Butts, Network Marketing Professional

"A great event... so proud... yes, it was an amazing event!"
– Betty Wells, Network Marketing Professional

"A total joy to be part of this great event."
– Sonia Stringer, Network Marketing Professional

"Just finished attending the annual international event for the ANMP, and it was one of the best events I've attended in many many years... So proud to be a part of this business!"
– Art Meakin, Network Marketing Professional

"Thanks to you ALL for making this a spectacular event. Love you guys!"
– Dr. Steve Taubman, Network Marketing Professional

"Top Stupendous, Marvelous, Education with FUN never any down time, pens flying fast to catch every precious word Best Convention In THE WORLD!"
– Rod Cook, Network Marketing Professional

"Watching Dr. Steve Taubman's hypnosis routine... I don't think I ever laughed so hard in my entire life."
– Bugs Mitchell, Network Marketing Professional

"Amazing servant leadership message... profound... I shared on my team call last night. Thank you for sharing these stories and leadership with the world!"
– Deborah McDonald, Network Marketing Professional

"Thank you so much [Sandy Botkin] for sharing your knowledge and creating a way to allow us to keep more of our money where it belongs; I have notified my team of the Taxbot app. Muchas gracias :)"
– Alfredo Duenas, Network Marketing Professional

"If you ain't here, you should be here!"
– John & Terri Hammack, Network Marketing Professionals

"An amazing weekend!"
– Denice Chenault, Network Marketing Professional

"Awesome event!"
– Cheryl Desaritz, Network Marketing Professional

"Looking forward to future events!"
– David Greene, Network Marketing Professional

"Thanks for all you do to help support and advance our profession... you are making a huge difference in the Network Marketing community and beyond!"
– Jordan Adler, Network Marketing Professional

"Amazing weekend with amazing people in the greatest profession in the world."
– Colli Butler, Network Marketing Professional

"We all know the countless hours spent preparing for the ANMP event and it truly showed. I honestly can't wait for the next one!! I feel beyond blessed to have been able to experience it... So awesome... an environment of so many different people/cultures coming together to share many different stories of personal journeys of struggles to success!!! Life changing event FOR SURE!! DEFINITELY TWO THUMBS UP!!!!"
– Renae Green, Network Marketing Professional

"These last few days together at the The Association of Network Marketing Professionals Convention have been INCREDIBLE!!!! Words cannot express how Sylvia & I blessed by the friendship, mentorship, partnership and kindness of many beautiful, inspiring people in our lives. We so appreciate the opportunity to associate with and learn from you all - brilliant leaders and friends whom we greatly respect - truly the best of the best. It was amazing to be together with you all. We believe that we all will move mountains together. We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve within this great profession. THANK YOU!!!!!"
– Garrett & Sylvia McGrath, Network Marketing Professionals

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