Scott Fardulis

Scott Fardulis

Team-Builders: 300,000 People in 17 Countries

Scott Fardulis is super down to earth, a great listener and knows how to live life!

He’s a skilled pilot with a degree in Business Administration and Aviation, and flew in the Air Force auxiliary doing search and rescue and disaster recovery.

Scott lives in Colorado with his wife, Juliette. They will be celebrating their 28th anniversary next month and have 3 beautiful children.

He’s an avid downhill snow skier, enduro motorcycle adventure rider, and golf enthusiast.

Scott and Juliette have been in network marketing from the time they met as teenagers, and have been featured in radio programs and books for their leadership and impact to the home-based business industry.

They have developed a team of over 300,000 people doing business in 17 countries.

Scott is passionate about personally and professionally developing people and teaching leadership skills.

He’s an expert at building strong teams and is here to share some insights on the most important “one thing” all leaders must have that will define their success.