Unforgettable Social Media Superstar

Jessie Lee is a heart-driven, culture-driven, influencer-building multiple 7-figure annual earner, as verified by Network Marketing Pros’ Hall of Fame. She is currently the number one female network marketer in the world.

She got her start in direct sales 10 years ago when she needed $300 extra a month to pay rent. In 2015, Jessie Lee found network marketing through Facebook and made the move to better her future and build a lasting legacy with residual income.

Jessie Lee is now, thanks to her network marketing business, a successful investor, and, more importantly, her philanthropy has been expanded as a result of her network marketing income. She joined her company 3.5 years ago. Through focusing on customers, she has built a team of over 800,000 customers with 25,000 worldwide promoters in 28 countries.

She is extremely system driven, with a major focus on everyone understanding that systems duplicate - personalities and people do not!

Jessie Lee’s MLM generic podcast, The People’s Mentor, currently has 3.3 million downloads and counting. Her Instagram followers are at 325k; Facebook at 80k; and Tiktok at 140k.

She is passionate about training, coaching, mentorship, rescuing animals, self-love, and empowering men and women to do anything they want. Jessie Lee builds a large portion of her business online, and is notorious for world-wide tours.