Donna Valdes

Donna Valdes

25 Years Experience: Strategic, Results-Driven Executive

Donna Valdes has more than 25 years of Direct Selling industry experience, and has led multi-million-dollar direct sales organizations and operations.

Donna has built a reputation as a dynamic leader with the ability to turn vision into reality. Her experience and passion coupled with her no-nonsense, authentic leadership style, complements her growth expertise and is a boon to the organizations who work together with her.

Known for solving problems and executing solutions, Donna produces results to catapult business growth and eliminate stagnation.

A strategic, results-driven and passionate corporate executive with proven leadership and management experience, Donna specializes in sales growth and marketing deployment with high operations efficiency. She’s known for fostering a unified, collaborative company and field culture across a globally dispersed team while maintaining tight organizational focus on profit, brand, volume, growth and productivity.