Dino & Dani Nedelko

Dino & Dani Nedelko

International Network Marketing Power Couple

Dino Nedelko and Dani (Vanegas) Nedelko met each other through this incredible profession... and together this global power couple are inspiring people to lead an extraordinary life!

Dino and Dani are originally from different parts of the globe (Dino from Slovenia; Dani from Latin America), and each of them are hugely successful, powerful leaders in their own right. They have spoken on numerous stages around the world. They have been recognized in the Go Pro Network Marketing Hall of Fame and they are Business For Home Ambassadors of Network Marketing.

Dani says:

There is power in agreement.

When you unite forces together to a higher purpose other than your own agenda, miracles start happening.

When faith is frail one will lift up the other one. There is a scripture that says that:

“A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer”...

So grateful today for where we are, where we stand and who we serve.

Together, the Nedelkos are on a mission to help millions of people create success and better lives through this profession that they love.