Deni Robinson and Alyssa Favreau

Deni Robinson and Alyssa Favreau

Next Generation: A Legacy of Success

Deni has over 25 years’ experience in the direct sales and relationship marketing profession. She is one of the "Top 200 Worldwide Earners in Network Marketing.” Deni has been hailed as a truly inspirational speaker, and has spoken at conferences around the world. She has won numerous industry awards and attracted a huge team numbering in the tens of thousands. Deni’s message and business savvy have been instrumental to helping thousands of entrepreneurs in finding their own success in life.

Deni says:

This year, Alyssa and I are honored to be sharing the stage together as mother and daughter!

I always had a vision for my four children to have a better life than I had, which gave me the strength to keep pushing towards and achieving that vision. Sometimes it was so hard … I questioned myself if what I was doing was right. A BETTER life was a deep and compelling WHY for me. I used that as a motivator… and not as an excuse ... to go after and achieve my dreams. And guess what? Mission Accomplished!

What a gift it is NOW to every single day have a generational impact on women and their families… changing lives unborn. Together, Alyssa and I are fulfilling OUR dream of working together to help other women find their own success in life. We are PASSIONATE about health and wellness, igniting possibility in others and making a difference to humanity.

Has anyone ever told you any of the following:

- “You can’t succeed in Network Marketing!”

- “You can’t build a business and raise a family!”

- “If you become an entrepreneur, it will put too much strain on your marriage!”

Well, we are here to tell you:

They were wrong!

You are POWERFUL. You are STRONG. And you can SUCCEED in Network Marketing!