Ada Macarena Caballero

Ada Macarena Caballero

Admired Field Leader & Top Earner

Ada Caballero was the first to obtain the top rank at her company, Crown Diamond.  

Originally from Mexico, Ada now lives in California with her husband Jose Luis. Ada had been in Network Marketing for many years before she saw big success. Like many, she consistently struggled with health and financial issues, and in finding the right opportunity that would reward her hard work:

“I remember I was to the point that I did not know what to do. I was losing everything, including my home, and, even worse, my family’s faith in me - all because of my Network Marketing dream.”

She was also concerned for her teams and wanted them to achieve their goals and dreams, too.

“The roller coaster of painful experiences ended once I recognized that I am the cause and effect of any decisions I make, and that I am in control of my emotions in any moment.”

Ada finally found the right company, team and environment for her, where she and her team could prosper, combined with amazing products that made a positive difference in people’s lives. As a woman with natural leadership abilities and a wonderful heart, everything for Ada and her team started to finally click into place.

It did not take long before Ada and her team were getting extraordinary results and achieving dreams otherwise thought impossible. She is now a multiple 7-figure earner, growing by helping others, and was featured on the cover of Networking Times magazine and in the Network Marketing Hall of Fame.

Her company’s CEO says this about Ada: "She is an extraordinary woman of remarkable strength, a true superstar with a massive heart… an Icon of Network Marketing. When I saw her working not to enrich her life but to help people, I knew she would be great. People become great when they work to better the lives of others, and in return they will be rewarded. Ada is a perfect example of this.”

Through it all, for Ada, it’s still all about people. She travels nearly every single day all around the world to train and support those who need help, even if those people are NOT in her group. If they need help, they can count on her to be there.  Ada has never forgotten her roots and the hardships she suffered as a child and as a young woman, which is why she has expanded into Europe, Africa, Central and South America.

She continues to work tirelessly every day to promote a healthy and wealthy lifestyle to those who so desperately need it.  Her goal is to touch and change as many lives as she can.