Makoto Fujiwara

Makoto Fujiwara

Chairman / Founder of No. 1 MLM Company in Japan

Mr. Makoto Fujiwara is the President of a fast-growing and highly successful Japanese company.

Originated from Japan, Mr. Fujiwara's company is a network marketing company that has been expanding over the globe through the reinforcement of the 4 Joint Development Programs over the past 9 years. His company aims to bring high quality Japan-made products to the international market, and at the same time provides a distinctive career pathway to help more people to achieve their goals and having a "Fruitful Future Life."

Their goal is to assist people in achieving their goals and dreams, through the use of this effective distribution system.

The driving force behind Mr. Fujiwara's company is "KOKORAZASHI", or better known as "Aspiration". One step at a time, this company aims to contribute wholeheartedly, in bringing change to the future of Japan and the world.

Let us all come together, uniting across borders!

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