Matthew Rosa

Matthew Rosa

Millennial 7-Figure Pinnacle Leader

At only 26 years old, Matthew Rosa together with his business partner Jason Brown, have maxed out their company's compensation plan and they are listed as the #8 Highest Income Earners in Network Marketing on

In the Rosa family, if you graduated high school, you were one of the few; college was not something that was even thought of, let alone any form of (legal) entrepreneurship. His options were few and far between, his role models were not present, but he had a little brother and little sister he had to figure a way to set an example for. Matthew left high school in 11th grade and worked everywhere and anywhere ranging from Chipotle to street hustles, jumping between jobs trying to find guidance and direction for his life. That guiding light came from this industry, giving him hope, belief in himself, and a platform to see how far he could go.

Over the last 6 years, Matthew has created tremendous success, during the process giving hope to those who have struggled, becoming a caring mentor and a motivator to thousands. In his first three years he struggled to pay his auto ship, generating just enough income in the industry to say he was in it. In fact, he barely paid the bills in those first years, relying on his fiancée to help him, as he had teams build and then drop to nothing again and again. But each time his teams dropped, each time he was faced with his adversity, it was his belief in himself that not only changed his world but helped so many others change theirs as well.

The perseverance, that battle against all odds, was the foundation that led to his breakout success over the last three years. Matthew and Jason have built an organization of over 60,000+ customers worldwide, helped create over 100 six figure earners, while being featured in books, podcasts, and news outlets across the board.

They even created their own YouTube Series to document the journey “Craving Abundance”

As Matthew says, “It is always people over profits.”

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