Donna Johnson

Donna Johnson

Respected Leader in Network Marketing for 30+ Years: Multi-Millionaire Top Earner, Trainer, Philanthropist & Author

Respected Mentor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Author Donna Johnson has built one of the world's largest, dynamic Network Marketing organizations, and is a respected Leader and Trainer in the profession for over 30 years.
Donna Johnson, former swimming coach and single mom, has built one of the largest Network Marketing Organizations in the world. Donna is a down-to-earth "Wisconsin girl with no college degree," yet through this amazing business model and profession, she now has over 1,000+ leaders who have reached a leadership position to earn them their iconic white Mercedes-Benz, symbolizing their achievement! A pioneer of Network Marketing over 32 years and empowering women and men from all walks of life, Donna is considered one of the top leaders in the profession.
Making a Living by Making a Difference, a collection of her published work, was released October 2010. Her new book, co-authored with Ken Dunn, Jordan Adler & Orjan Saele, MLM CPR: Restart the Heart and Pump Life into your Dreams was released November 2012, and reached the Top 10 Business books at Amazon. She sets the pace to empower women and men to realize their full potential. Not only does Donna serve on the editorial board of our profession’s magazine Networking Times, she is a frequent contributor.
As a Mastermind Event Featured Presenter, she has shared the stage with Art Jonak, Orrin Woodward, Randy Gage, Ken Dunn and Jordan Adler, and Donna is passionate about uniting the profession to become "the world class business opportunity." While enjoying a residual income that could put her in full retirement, she continues to lead a vibrant business, influencing entrepreneurs not just in her own organization and company, but across the profession. Donna travels the globe to promote the Network Marketing Profession in every facet.

While fully engaged and passionate about her business, she considers her number one accomplishment as being Mom and Nanna to her 5 children and 3 grandchildren. Together, her family leads a number of entrepreneurial and charitable ventures including a bed & breakfast in Negril, Jamaica and "Spirit Wings Kids" a charitable foundation that supports orphans around the world. Donna and her family travel to India and Africa each year to generate support for Streams of Mercy orphanages that she and her organization supports. Donna and her partner Thomas currently reside in Arizona, Sweden, Wisconsin and Jamaica, but you'll often find her sailing in the British Virgin Islands!

Donna’s philosophy is 3-Dimensional Success: 1) Enhancing Lives, 2) Creating Financial Peace, 3) Making a Difference.

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